SMART Recovery Meeting in Union County (Clark)

Weekly SMART Recovery Meetings at The Counseling center at Clark, NJ

NOTICE: The Smart Recovery meetings at The Counseling Center at Clark are not currently being scheduled, pending changes to how the program is integrated. Most needs addressed by the Smart Recovery program can currently be met by other, existing programs at The Counseling Center, in the mean time. Please call to discuss your needs with our counselors and the Clinical Director.

Previously: Open to the public, this is the only Tuesday Night SMART Recovery meeting in New Jersey, and one of only two SMART Recovery meetings held on weekday nights in New Jersey.

Hosted by The Counseling Center at Clark, with a local meeting facilitator. Coffee and Snacks will be served.

SMART Recovery is an abstinence-based “all addictions” program, addressing substance addictions (drugs, alcohol) as well as activity addictions such as gambling, spending, and sex.

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The Counseling Center at Clark is an outpatient mental health & addiction treatment center for adults and adolescents seeking help with depression, anxiety, dual-diagnosis, addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders associated with addiction and substance use.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an intense, focused experience designed to enable sober and productive living, utilizing evidence-based, state of the art treatment methods combined with 12 Step principles.

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